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Welcome to Darkness Reclamation, an action adventure platforming game currently seeking funding through KickStarter.

Darkness Reclamation is based on high enough amounts of random generation to make each play through interesting, but enough control so as to sustain a level of quality that could almost be mistaken as hand crafted from room to room. It is seeking a $3000 (CAD) funding, and is planned for a release in January, 2017.

One of the key visual and gameplay motifs is that the game takes place in a world without light, and therefore all the surroundings are black. However, certain creatures, including the player, give off light, which is then blocked by their surroundings, carving out a picture of the world around them. This forces the player to stay on edge and wary to their surroundings, and have to decide whether to destroy a creature of light (which will drop health), or leave it be so that it illuminates more of the world.

This demo contains a small taste of what's to come when the game is completed development; it showcases the current state of:

  • Map generation - The demo map seed is a set value for the demo, but the map is created in runtime
  • Areas - Each area and room is created when the map is loaded
  • Enemies - Each enemy is created with random movement traits, and different AI patterns, where dark enemies are more likely to attack, and light enemies are more likely to run away
  • Music - Each time a new area is accessed, the music fluently changes to the new areas song. Not only that, the instruments change when approaching an item that's obtainable, and the music fades when approaching the final room

Beyond that, it also gives a feel of how the game will control, though it's subject to change.

Hope you enjoy the demo, and if you have any questions, feel free to comment on this page, or shoot me a tweet @NykolaR!

Install instructions

This game is packaged as a .zip, with a runnable .jar file and a .html readme file, therefore, the .zip file must be unpackaged in order to run the game.

Since Darkness Reclamation runs through the Java language, a copy of the Java runtime engine must be installed on the machine running the game in order to play it. With the JRE installed on the machine, either set the file as an executable and run it, or use the following command from the command line:

java -jar DarknessReclamationDemo.jar


DarknessReclamationDemo.zip (9 MB)

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